Sunday, April 3, 2016

Expressions of New Life 2016

In April, 2009, on the Sunday after Easter, a new Highland tradition was born—what has come to be known as “Expressions” Sunday.  This is a day to share with each other through various mediums our expressions on a theme.  The theme for this year was “new life” or “resurrection”. 

Ben Wall's Walking Sticks

Bonnie Wedel's Watercolours

Naomi Unrau's Pottery

Cheryl Wall's Tulip Time Quilt

Ed Wedel's Wood Creations

Frank Bowley and Wendy McFarland's El Camino Trail

Highland's Community Garden

Learning for Life's Love/Love Quilt

Johann J. Toews' Artwork
(contributed by Ron and Julia Toews)

Lianne Mitchell's Found Objects/Mixed Media
James Klassen's Digital Photography

Quilts for our refugee family's home

Andrea's Watercolours

Gene Klassen's Woodburning
Marilyn Klassen's and grandaughter Sophia's Mixed Mediums
Reblooming Cherry Branch

Highland Youth's Collages
(contributed by Maryanne Balzer)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Expressions of God's Presence Sunday

On our ninth annual "Expressions" Sunday we enjoyed these displays:
Bonnie's stitchery
 Reuben's Lego buildings

Ron's kayaks
Herta's photography
Sandi's "Camino Trail" display 
 Marilyn's "Lenten Math" collage
 Cheryl's quilts
Wendy's watercolour
 Julia's photography 
 Lois's quilts 
 John's reupholstered (in progress) armchair
 Cara's story and display
Thanks to everyone who helped make this another wonderful "Expressions" event!!